Tenayha Dickson


As the newest addition to the Slade Property team, Tenayha has fit in perfectly and in her words "being welcomed with open arms by such a wonderful work family has been great and it's already evident that this is where I want to be to build my career". 

Having worked for more than 12 months as an Accounting and Taxation assistant Tenayha soon realised that it wasn't her future career. Her passion for interior and architectural design lead her to real estate and she knew, that's where she wanted to be.

Tenayha is hard working and efficient with her duties and her customer service skills and patience are the perfect qualities for a receptionist role. Her ability to learn and adapt fast to an ever-changing industry and willingness to help in any way possible displays great potential for an aspiring Property Manager.

‘A boy at heart' Tenayha grew up on the Sunshine Coast, spending most of her time around cars, camping, and going on adventures and as the years went by her love for cars only grew. She now spends most of her free time at car shows or meets, even helping to fix her friends cars.

Tenayha is a huge outdoors person who has a great love for cars and real estate. Her friendly and caring personality is a great attribute and we look forward to seeing her grow in the business.

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