Buying Tips

blog_8_important_home_buying_tips.jpgBefore you start looking

  • Saving for a deposit

    The deposit is the biggest initial cost in buying a new home. Find out the best way to budget and save up for this expense.

  • Researching the market

    You need a clear idea when researching the market. Find tips for property markets and trends to make sure you pay a fair price for your new home.

  • Knowing the full cost

    Paying for a new home is more than just paying the asking price. Find out how to get all the details so that you know the full cost of your new home.

  • Appointing a real estate agent (buyer's agent)

    You can choose to appoint a real estate agent to help you buy a new home. Find out how to appoint them, what they can do and how to resolve a problem.

  • Appointing a solicitor

    You should strongly consider hiring a solicitor when you’re buying a new home. They can help you with the legal requirements for buying your home.

  • Property valuations

    You should always get a professional valuation of a property before you buy it. Find out how to deal with a valuer and what to expect in their report.